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My husband was walking recently on a sidewalk near our home, when he saw a male who was definitely not in good humor, coming toward him. The dude was quite a bit smaller in size, weighed a lot less, and would be no match if they were to get into a physical fight. But his threatening demeanor and the anger spewing from his mouth let Andy know that a friendly conversation wasn’t on his mind. Puzzled, and wondering what his problem was, Andy just kept walking toward him. Which seemed to that young male even more hostile.

Then Andy noticed that behind him, over to the side in the grass, was a young female. She was sitting down, obviously protecting her newborn little ones. Then it clicked. That aggressive male was a daddy in attack mode, ready to threaten, bully, and do whatever it took to protect his wife and family.

That gander was doing what his God-given daddy instincts told him to do. Protect, provide, and defend his wife and kids at all costs. He was not taught by some other goose to do this. It was just him, acting out on his pure God-instilled instinct.

The next day we walked that same sidewalk. And we saw that little family out for a walk. Mr. Daddy Gander was out in front, strutting confidently and protectively a few yards in front of her and the kids. Mamma Goose was waddling toward the little pond, the six little babies running behind her. We stood and watched as she led them into the water, teaching them to swim. The entire time, that daddy stood at the edge of the pond warily watching us. We decided to take a curious step closer, just to see what he would do. He immediately came at us, hissing and threatening with every step.

So. Here’s my question. If the bird species will obey that instinctive male leading, to be present in the life of their family and protect and defend against all threats, what has happened to our human species? Why do we have so many husbands and daddies who are way too willing to cut and run when the going gets tough? Or he sees another cute female that has attracted his attention.

According to the Bible, God has directed every human male to stay involved with his family. To provide, protect and defend them at any cost. No matter the size of the threat and problem. A man who seeks his own comfort above all else is flaunting his rebellion in the face of his Creator. He was intended to be the head provider and defender of his family and home. To be a role model for his children to follow.

That gander on the lookout? THAT was a true daddy and spouse. A lot of our human dads and husbands? Not so much.

In my humble opinion, they could learn a lot from that gander.



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