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A day with the veterinarian: Dr. Milton Farr of Bolton

During the 2021 Summer Reading Program at the library, many of the activities were done virtually, for COVID-19 safety. One of the activities included is: "A Day with the Veterinarian: Dr. Milton Farr, Farr Animal Clinic, Bolton MS."

In the video, Bolton veterinarian, Dr. Milton Farr, describes what he does and the animals he treats. He also talks about how to become a veterinarian and the different kinds of jobs that veterinarians can do.

The video was hosted by the Annie T. Jeffers Library on Madison Street in Bolton Mississippi.

Click this image to watch the video! Or copy and paste:

Title graphics for video: A Day with a Veterinarian

Photo of Dr Milton Farr and text: having good grades...

Farr Animal Hospital in Bolton MS photo of building exterior

Farr Animal Hospital is located at 107 Madison Street, Bolton MS 39041. Telephone: 601-866-7158.


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