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As a student did you ever use this one? “But, teacher, I promise, my dog ate my homework!” Or telling your mom, “I didn’t think we should, but she made me!” Or just the plain old standby that works every time, “I just forgot, I’m sorry.” Ever had a teacher or your dad look you in the eye and firmly state, “Excuses are like hineys, everybody’s got one. But nobody should be goin’ thru life sittin’ on ‘em.”

It's beginning to look like our nation has developed a full-blown plague. What would this plague be named? Hmmm… maybe the “DON’T BLAME ME DISEASE.”

The symptoms of the disease that can be seen? Well, that’s easy. Look at our current work force problems. And then there are symptoms you can hear. “I really can’t because…” and then insert whatever excuses or reasons all these unemployed adults cite.

Does this downward spiral pattern of particular symptoms sound familiar?

“I quit my job because I was undervalued and/or mistreated. I know that I deserve better.”

“I’m trying, but I can’t find a job where I am going to be treated fairly.”

“Now I have no money because I have no job.”

“Yes, I admit I was caught stealing, but I do have to survive.”

“Now that I have a theft record, nobody will hire me. So It’s not my fault I can’t find a job.”

“I have to take all the help that the government will give me, because I refuse to starve and be homeless. And like I said, nobody will give me a job.”

“Actually, I have more money in my pocket from Uncle Sam’s check than if I was working any job I can find. So, honestly, I can’t afford to take a job.”

Ouch. Such a downhill slide. So unfair to that person. They unknowingly swallowed the delicious bait of ‘I deserve better than this,’ and never saw the cruel hook buried inside. The hook of, ‘I might possibly become unemployable. Making my life very difficult.’

Excuses to not work, and to not pay our bills are available to all of us. And there’s no doubt, using excuses is the easy and tempting way to go through life. But they have such a heartbreaking end. No money, the loss of your reputation, and your family eyeing you with disgust – that is a high price to pay.

On the other hand, holding your head high while doing that menial job you despise, even with the unfairness or mistreatment that comes with it, will pay off in the future. Eventually, you will have the chance to find a better job, or further your education, or to land a job that allows you to use your skills and gifts. But that normally happens in the future when you refuse to use excuses in the present.

Sitting on your hiney using excuses will hurt you in the end. Pun intended.




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