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BEEMS welcomes new teachers

The 2021-22 school year is off to a great start at Bolton Edwards Elementary / Middle School. The school is excited to welcome these new teachers to BEEMS:

Shelia Johnson 5th grade teacher at BEEMS
Shelia Johnson, 5th grade
Jennifer Bailey, Kindergarten teacher
Jennifer Bailey, Kindergarten
Kayla Bilbo 7th grade teacher at BEEMS
Kayla Bilbo, 7th grade
Janae Mack PreK teacher at BEEMS
Janae Mack, PreK
Abigail Parker 4th grade teacher at BEEMS
Abigail Parker, 4th grade
Antoinettia Wilker interventionist teacher at BEEMS
Antoinettia Wilkerson, Interventionist
Sherril Tate 5th grade teacher at BEEMS
Sherril Tate, 5th grade
Kourtney Bailey 6th grade teacher at BEEMS
Kourtney Bailey, 6th grade
Sharilynn McFarland teacher of exceptional services at BEEMS
Sharilynn McFarland, exceptional services

Pictured above, are teachers who are new to Bolton Edwards Elementary/Middle School for the 2021-22 school year. Jennifer Bailey, Kindergarten. Shelia Johnson, 5th grade. Kayla Bilbo, 7th grade. Janae Mack, PreK. Abigail Parker, 4th grade. Antoinettia Wilkerson, Interventionist. Sherril Tate, 5th grade. Kourtney Bailey, 6th grade. Sharilynn McFarland, exceptional services.

Bolton - Edwards Elementary / Middle School, is part of the Hinds County School District, and covers PreK, Kindergarten, and Grades 1 through 8. For grades 9 through 12, Bolton residents attend Raymond High School.

Bolton-Edwards Elementary/Middle School

9700 I-20 Frontage Road, Bolton MS 39041

Telephone: 601.866.2522


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