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Like so many of us, I have a lot of my family and friends’ birthdates in my phone’s calendar, and I have it set to notify me when a loved one’s birthday is on the horizon. I prefer to tell myself that “I have so many family members now, and combined with all my friends, I can’t possibly remember all those birthdates anymore.” But truthfully, probably just getting too lazy and too dependent upon my phone reminding me. Tend to take the easy way out when it is available.

Recently, it faithfully did its job and sent me a birthday reminder. One of my sisters was turning a year older the next day. So, knowing I might forget to call if I waited until then, I immediately called and told her “Happy birthday a day too early! I am calling you today, ‘cause I might not remember to call you tomorrow.”

Did this sweet lady laugh at me? Let me off the hook and tell me she understood completely and has been known to do that also, for the exact same reason? Oh yeah, she laughed at me and remarked that she completely understood, but then this is what she went on to say.

“You’re not calling me a day too early! Today is my special day! When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait to become a year older. And then when I was almost twenty-one, I thought being only twenty was going to drag on forever. But some years ago when I - ahem- turned that dreaded corner that heads towards old age, I decided to quit celebrating the first day of being a year older. Nowadays, I recognize and celebrate the very last day of being only ___. Who in their right mind wants to celebrate and acknowledge that they have to add a number to their age?”

This dear lady has decided to thumb her nose at the tradition that says we are to rejoice and party on the official day of getting a year older, even though most of us hate the idea of aging. So, she decided it made better sense to celebrate the last day of still being able to say she is that young. Quote, “Cause after today, being able to say I’m ___ ain’t never gonna roll around again!”

What a great way of looking at life! Celebrate where you are today, right now – instead of where you are headed. Do your best to enjoy exactly where God has placed you.

No, I realize that not everything is enjoyable in your life at the present, but deliberately look for the good stuff. Life can be so much better for you, if you decide to search for the hopeful and happy. Instead of deliberately staring at the dark and depressing. Both exist in your world. Choosing which one to stare at - that is for you to decide.



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