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Bolton Christmas Parade draws a crowd and delights citizens

The 2021 Bolton Christmas Parade drew a large, enthusiastic crowd. Groups lined up all along Bolton-Brownsville Road. Adults and children alike were delighted by the procession of colorful floats, flashy vehicles, prancing steeds, Santa and the Grinch. The Bolton News staff had a wonderful time covering the event.

Originally scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on December 11, the forecast for severe weather conditions that morning, led the Parade Committee to reschedule the event for 2:00 p.m. on Sunday.

The theme for this year's parade was "A Joyous Noel." The color guard (Jefferson County ROTC) provided a professional and inspiring kick-off. Danny Lurk served as the Grand Marshall. Santa Claus rode on the B-Town Steakhouse float and the Grinch followed behind on the float of Gaddis and McLaurin, also known as "The Store" in and around Bolton. Gaddis and McLaurin is celebrating 150 years in business this year. Their float included hundreds of colorful balloons and a giant birthday cake. When Dem Drummer Boys drum corps passed by playing rousing cadences, it was nearly impossible to remain seated or to stand still in one spot. Every group and individual participating in the parade contributed to the spectacle and filled spectators' hearts with joy and cheer. A listing of the parade entrants is provided below.

Following are three slideshows of photographs we shot before and during the parade.

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