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Saw a movie this summer. Titled “Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris.” If you have already seen this film, then you know its premise. If not, then never fear, I don’t intend to spoil it for you by revealing the plot or the ending. But I do want to make an observation. After seeing the movie, I came to the conclusion that this movie is truer to life than we realize. Even with its fluffy and shallow exterior premise of Cinderella-Miracles-In-Paris.

My observation? Most of us are living a lie, and yet we can’t even see that we are living a lie.

The lie? For some reason (called low self-esteem) we live in fear that, “There are some things that are not good about the real me.” And since we live afraid that fact makes us unacceptable to this world, we try to pull a huge cover-up, to hide that part of us. Because we believe we are “less-than,” we try to show the world we are “more-than.” And in reality, all we need to do is “just be me!”

Folks, there was never a person born on this earth who is better than anyone else born on this earth. A baby girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth at birth is not worth more than the unwanted baby who was left in a trash can. God created each one of us as equal in His eyes. And we need to view ourselves from His perspective – not that of the world. Sure would save a lot of heartache and wrong roads.

That movie has some pretty good examples of what I am saying. Take a close look at the House of Fashion manager and his assistant, and you will see people who believe, “There is something unacceptable about me, so I will try to live exactly the opposite of that.” Examine the life of the beautiful model, versus what she really wants. See the owner of the company as he attempts to hide what is happening to his company, by attempting to maintain the same exclusive clientele, no matter what.

Sounds a lot like many of us…believing something is wrong with the real me. Hiding behind a personality we believe the world will like better. And unfortunately, never realizing that there is a third person, the real you, that no one ever gets to meet. Not perfect, but certainly not garbage. You are the ‘you’ that our Creator wanted on the earth. With all your quirks, faults and weaknesses. But also your strengths.

Friends, putting on a false front to cover the real you causes a certain amount of stress. Constantly having to live as a person you are not - that is extremely hard. We need to drop the false belief, so we can drop the cover mask, so the world can see and accept the real person that we are. Be you.




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