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Gaddis & McLaurin, a mainstay in Bolton and Hinds County for 150 years

From seed and feed to hardware and lumber, from tools and gloves to wind chimes and handbags, the displays and shelves at Gaddis & McLaurin are filled with a wide variety of items their customers want and need. The friendly and knowledgeable staff provide helpful answers and solutions each and every day. It has been this way for the family-owned business, for 150 years.

The store initially opened in 1871 when Bolton was little more than a station stop on the Vicksburg and Jackson Railway. The business played an important role in the history and growth of the town. It was originally situated across the street from the current location. On January 28, 1948, the original store burned to the ground. The photograph above, which hangs in the office at Gaddis & McLaurin, was taken about one year before it was destroyed by fire. The store reopened immediately following the fire, in the space it occupies now.

Team Members:

Photo of Joyce Jimenez in Gaddis & McLaurin store
Joyce Jimenez is G&M’s resident expert on gardening, feed, tools and more. She has been with Gaddis & McLaurin since 1998.

Photo of Pier Roy in his office in Gaddis & McLaurin
Store Manager Pier Roy joined Gaddis & McLaurin in 2011

Aaron Johnson of Gaddis & McLaurin driving a forklift
Aaron Johnson manages the dock and warehouse. He joined Gaddis & McLaurin in 2008.

Frank Tullos on the plumbing parts aisle in the store
Frank Tullos is G&M's Mr. Fix-it-All genius. He came on board in 2011.

Lynda Bonner and Frank Tullos inside the store
Office Manager Lynda Bonner joined G&M in 2014

cute dog and Suzanne Coggins in the store
Gladys Laurin and her mom Suzanne Coggins. Suzanne joined G&M in 2018.

Pier Roy and Kendall Garraway in the office at Gaddis & McLaurin
Store manager Pier Roy and Owner Kendall Garraway

Josh Young and Aaron with pallett of bottled water
Josh Young and Aaron Johnson

The store's adorable mascot, Gladys Laurin (rhymes with Gaddis & McLaurin!): (slideshow)

Established in 1871, Gaddis & McLaurin has served Bolton and the surrounding area for 150 years. In addition to lumber, hardware, tools, building supplies and plumbing fixtures, the store stocks a wide variety of feed for cattle, horses, farm animals, pets, wildlife and fish; seed; gardening and farming needs; boots, gloves and handbags; scented candles; honey and more.



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