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Gibbs wins Alderman-At-Large run-off

An election to fill the vacant position of Alderman-at-Large resulted in the need for a run-off, which was held on May 24. The seat was vacant due to the resignation of William Woods as Alderman-at-Large. The run-off was between Alberta Gibbs and Brady Holder.

Gibbs won the run-off with sixty percent of the votes in her favor.

Gibbs graduated from Hinds County Agricultural High School in 1970, from Utica Junior College in 1972, from Alcorn State University in 1974, and from Lewis University in 1981.

Her platform included fighting to refurbish abandoned homes to expand the community, working to fix the streets and roads so guests and citizens of Bolton can ride smoothly around town, bringing awareness to underserved African-American youth, pushing the need for academic programs to help the children to excel, providing resources to single parents and building a sports platform for the youth.



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