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Help sought in compiling a list of churches

Help sought in compiling a list of churches

When searching online for information about houses of worship in our area, Shirley Burns noticed that some information is missing or difficult to find. A directory of local churches is something The Bolton News would like to provide on its website, Shirley has begun work on this project, and seeks the assistance of the community in completing it. The partially completed work in progress can be viewed at [i’ll give you a shortened link to insert here, after Lisa publishes the page].

The information we are seeking for each church is as follows:

• Church name, • phone number, • address, • pastor’s name, • the year the church was established, • website address (if there is one), • link to Facebook page (if there is one), • and the answer to the question “Is the church currently holding in-person services?”

If you can provide some or all of this information for a church that is located in the Bolton area, please contact Shirley Burns at 601-925-6083 or send an email message to Thank you.



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