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Hinds County prepares for Hurricane Ida: Be prepared, not scared

The Bolton News spoke today with Joey Perkins, Director of Hinds County Department of Emergency Management.

Perkins had this to say, “We don’t want anyone to panic, but we do want everyone to be prepared. Hurricane Ida has the potential to bring high winds, heavy rain, cause downed trees, downed power lines and power outages. The list of things that are good to go ahead and do now in advance of the severe weather, include, checking to see that you have:

  • flashlights

  • batteries

  • weather radio

  • any medications you might need

  • nonperishable foods

  • drinking water

  • vehicles fueled up

  • first aid items

And please check in with the elderly and other neighbors who might need help, to see if they are all set, and have what they need. Be prepared, not scared. ”

When we asked about the current status of the warning sirens, Perkins said, “The sirens in and near Bolton have been tested and are working correctly. There is a siren in town on Madison Street; and there are two sirens just outside of town: one on South Norell, the other on Reuben Circle. All of the sirens in Hinds County for which Hinds County Emergency Management is responsible, are functioning properly.”

“Our volunteer fire departments and other personnel have have checked all the generators, cables, fuel levels and so forth to be sure the equipment we may need, is ready to go. We don’t provide sand, but we do provide sandbags to residents who need them. We do that at the office, during our normal business hours. We gave out quite a few on Thursday and Friday, to residents who stopped by and requested them.”

“We will be posting updates on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.”


Twitter: @HindsEOC

With the chance of Severe Weather with Hurricane #Ida, we encourage every Hinds County citizen to have multiple ways to get warnings:⠀

• Wireless Emergency Alerts⠀

• NOAA Weather Radio⠀

• CodeRED Notifications⠀

Signup for CodeRED at


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