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RHS Ranger alumni tailgate form required

Raymond High School recently announced that RHS Rangers Alumni wanting to participate in 2021 Homecoming Tailgate must complete a Tailgate Form and submit it by Tuesday, September 21.

Raymond High School Rules for Tailgaiting: Tailgating is an ongoing tradition at Raymond High School and RHS looks forward to an exciting time together. Our goal is to promote a family-friendly and safe environment for everyone involved. To care for fans and the campus, please follow these guidelines in planning your tailgating event.

Tailgating will be allowed only in the designated area located between the practice soccer field and the softball field. Grills are allowed. Only two vehicles per tailgating group will be allowed in the tailgating area. Other participants will need to walk to the tailgating area. In the event that the tailgating area is too wet, tailgating will be canceled.

Due to school activities taking place and security concerns during school hours, no tailgating activities are allowed until 4:00 PM on game days. All tents and tailgating items must be removed from the property by 10:30 PM. Additional trash receptors will be available.

Space is claimed on a first-come basis. Occupy only the space designated for your group.

The RHS campus is a tobacco-free, alcohol-free and drug-free facility. These rules apply to tailgaters also.

Please help us keep the grounds beautiful – Please stash your trash.

Do not leave your valuables unattended. Police officers are on patrol, but you are responsible for the items that are left in your tailgating area.

Restroom facilities are available near the soccer practice field. All stadium rules apply to tailgaters – once you enter the gates, you cannot leave and return without paying.

No food or drink will be allowed to be taken into the stadium.

If you would like to tailgate, please complete the online tailgate form by September 21, 2021. A confirmation call will come from RHS Administration by September 22, 2021, to approve tailgating.

Click Here to visit the page where you can access the tailgate form.

These photos were taken by Ginny Barlow Price on September 10, 2021, when the Rangers defeated Velma Jackson, 26 to 12. Go Rangers!

Football players in action at game on September 10
Photo by Ginny Barlow Price

RHS and Velma Jackson football players in action during the game
Final Score: RHS 26 - Velma Jackson 12


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