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Yep, it’s been a really tough few years for everyone. In just about every possible conceivable way. Financially, physically, and emotionally, and it hasn’t really mattered how old or young you are – life has stunk in a lot of ways. And this horrible onslaught of stress and grief is definitely taking its toll. People are struggling to make sense of their lives and to carry on with some sense of normalcy.

All this has had negative consequences for each of us. You may be reacting to all this pain by sinking into depression. While another is living in anger – striking out at anything and everyone in their path. Physical symptoms of stress are running rampant among adults, and each is doing their best to cope with the changes in their lives. With varying degrees of success.

Little children have their own particular reactions that they are living. Confusion, anxiety, and fear are pretty common. Some kids have shown definite regression in their progress of learning how to deal confidently with life. Can’t blame ‘em, it’s been really rough on grown-ups – can you imagine trying to adjust to all these problems, as a little child?

So, what do we do? How do we begin trying to take back what we’ve lost in our personal life? What can begin to heal us emotionally and even physically from all this stress? The following suggestions written below are certainly not intended as a cure-all – a miracle for our hurting world. But there are a few things that you need when you’re suffering. And remember, if you can benefit from these, so can your friends and family.

Some things folks need when they’re hurting:

Kind words spoken to them. And sometimes, this is difficult to do when the speaker is also hurting.

Tender touch goes a long way. Just a simple pat on the arm or a loving hug can mean so much.

Listening to the one in pain talk about their hurt is vital. You don’t have to have the answers – just listen, and let them know you care.

Presence of someone who cares. Be there for that person who is sick or stressed – even a phone call showing your concern is so much better for them than enduring their problem all alone.

Humor of the right kind, and used at the right time, can help. Just be sensitive to the situation. Only attempt to bring a smile to their face by using humor that is laced with grace and love.

Patience with the one who is hurting. Living through a nightmare isn’t easy. Finding their way back from depression or illness is hard work, and takes time. You can encourage them to start on the path upward, but keep in mind – they are not liking where they are. And they’re not there by choice. They would like to get better, but they may be stuck in fear.

Just care. For you and each other.



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