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Story Guidelines

How to Submit Articles and Photos
Article submissions and story ideas are welcome! We do our very best to get as much Bolton community news in each issue as possible.
Submissions for publication are due by 5 p.m. 7 BUSINESS days prior to the next issue's publication date (deadline is always on a Friday at 5 p.m.). Story ideas can be submitted at anytime, but will take time to be fully developed by our reporting staff.  Click here to view our Publication Dates and Submission Deadlines.
Supported File Formats:
  • TEXT: Rich Text Format (.rtf) is the preferred format for text submissions. However, Microsoft Word (.docx) and wording in the body of an email message are supported.
  • PHOTO: High resolution JPEG (.jpg) or PNG (.png) files are supported . If image resolution is too low, images may not be publishable.
Please note: In order to safeguard the privacy of minors, photos of children under age 18 cannot be published without the consent of their parent/guardian.
PHOTOS should be submitted with a cutline/description identifying each individual pictured, along with the name of the person's hometown.
Email article submissions, story ideas and photos to:
Photo Guidelines
Please note the following when submitting a photo:
  1. Cell phone photos may be acceptable for printing, provided they are taken with a late-model smartphone and transmitted to us in a way that keeps the image from being compressed.
  2. When organizing group photos, have your subjects stand as close together as possible so their faces (really the most important part of the photo) will be prominent. Make sure subjects are lined up enough so that a cutline identifying their names is possible (i.e. front row, left to right...) For publication purposes, "posed" photographs showing faces are almost always better than "action shots."
  3. If your subjects are standing in shade, use your flash as fill. Otherwise, your camera may render your subjects' faces too dark. Also use your flash if your subjects are standing against a brightly lit background for the same reason. Please do not send us a copyrighted photograph unless it is accompanied by permission from the photographer for us to reproduce it. If we have doubts about a photograph potentially being copyrighted and submitted without permission, we will not publish it. While it's fun to use all of the editing features and filters on your phone or computer, please refrain. Pictures submitted to us need to be high resolution, unedited and uncropped. Please do not embed your photos in a text document (i.e. Word, Notes). Attach it separately to your emailed submission to ensure the quality and resolution are preserved during transmittal.


Please send any photos or story ideas to the editor. 

Thank you from all of us at The Bolton News!

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