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Homecoming Anniversary for Albert “Country Boy” Lewis

Homecoming Anniversary for Albert “Country Boy” Lewis
Albert "Country Boy" Lewis

The 23rd annual homecoming anniversary for one of Bolton’s finest citizens, Mr. Albert “Country Boy” Lewis will be held on October 23, 2022 at the Jimmie Lewis Pavilion in Bolton, MS. The event is to honor Mr. Lewis for his promotion of gospel music around the state of Mississippi and elsewhere. The overseer of the event will be 90.1 WMPR.

Gates will open at 12:00 PM with the program beginning at 2:30 PM. The event is free to the public.

Joining in the celebration will be various gospel groups from around the state. The New Gospel Keystones will be in charge of the event. Some of the groups that will be performing will be Pure of Heart from Bolton, MS, White Chapel Choir from Jackson, MS, Westhaven Choir from Jackson, MS, The Mighty Kings of Joy from Philadelphia, MS, Mt. Elizabeth Male Choir from Bolton, MS along with many more.

There will be free food at this event. You may bring your lawn chairs and tents as seating is limited.

Come out and join us for a day of worship and praise. For more information, contact Albert “Country Boy” Lewis at 601-665-2069.




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